Water Column with Sea of Clouds(using alcohol to cure disease)

A master once invented “five-elements” way of brewing, and made some alcohol. One day, he drunk a lot of it in spite of the fact that he caught cold few days ago, then went to bed. A while later, he felt so hot that couldn’t fall asleep, so he began to meditate. Then he felt cool and refreshed afterwards. It came to him that the old saying of “alcohol can cure diseases” makes sense.

Few days later, his student drunk some of the brewed alcohol, then felt restless and couldn’t concentrate just like the status he was in. Then he understood that brewed alcohol’s character is  warm, positive,it is Yang and can harm body, only when it is stored in something which is Yin, can it get a balance between Yin and Yang, and active meridians.

So the master told his students, alcohol is good for health-preservation and self-cultivation. In order to get this effect, it’s necessary to store alcohol in a cave among the jungle after brewing alcohol in “five-elements” way.

Thus, “five-elements” way of alcohol-brewing was complete.