The story of Morality-fostering Spot

One day , amaster got a bottle of alcohol, he drunk it and felt fairly mellow, then hegave it to one of his students to help him practice Buddhism. It worked effectively, he made great progress on practice.

Butthe alcohol he bought from shops didn’t work like that, it came to him that theway of making alcohol made differences. Only thefive-elements way ofalcohol-brewing can reconcile “five-elements” inside body.

 Inorder to invent thefive-elements way of alcohol-brewingthe master went to a lot of places and asked a lot of people. Heused grains, yeast, cellar mud and Chinese medicine to make alcohol based onthe the theory of “five elements”, yin and yang, and “the Eight Diagrams”. Fewyears later, finally he found thefive-elements way of alcohol-brewing, the alcohol he made tasted great. Afterstoring it in the cave for a while, his students drunk it, and made greatprogress on Buddhism.

The master feltthat , there are two elements led to the success in inventing thefive-elements way ofalcohol-brewing, one is the good theory of “five elements”, the other one isthat he asked a lot from other people and absorbed the advantages fromeveryone. It is the same case in the process of Buddhism practice.

The master built a pillar, which named Li De Spot, to show others this truth. If you want to achieve your goal, be modest andinclusive, ask and learn from others.